To buy items at our on-site auctions, you will need to fill out a registration form.  You will then be issued with a temporary Buyers Number, which you can use for bidding. This Buyers Number will be valid for one sale only. When buying in our future sales, you will need to obtain another temporary Buyers Number, however you won’t need to register with us again as your details will be on our system.

When you make a bid in the room, make sure your bid is clear and that the auctioneer can see you. If you haven’t been acknowledged, we won’t mind a quick shout, as we never like to miss a bid.

If you are unable to attend an auction and would like to bid, you may fill out an absentee bidder form with your maximum bid and we will bid on  your behalf.  If any of your bids are successful you will be notified by telephone.  All items must be paid for and collected by 5pm on the day of the auction. 

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